Crown Plaza – Hotel

Floor levels 4-17, each floor with 12 apartment units at 50-70sq m2 per,
and a Stairwell from 4-17

This was a challenging job as the plasterboard we were stopping was of a Chinese plaster board product that had little paper edge to work with. We were also supplied Chinese plaster material which was not the best of product to use, but we still managed to get a professional job well done, it just required more time and effort that we didn’t mind spending.

The main floor levels consisted of a level 2 finish on the walls smooth, and flat enough so that the painters could apply wall paper over it, and not get any defects or humps. Also with level 4 paint finish on ceilings and external angles with square stop all the way through.

Level 4 finish on ceilings

The staircase consisted of level 4 finish all the way through from level 4-17. It was difficult as they required us to do level 4 finish all the way down, of up to 0.5meter below, between a gap of 50mm space. No plastering tool could fit in such a narrow long space to get a clean level 4  finish, this required a bit of innovation and thinking outside the box.

We ended up using a t square to plaster all the joints that were between that 50mm gap, 0.5m deep, and successfully finished the project.